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Preventive dentistry and education

Health education is the most important to us. Constant expansion of knowledge about dental hygiene provides lasting health effects >>


We provide X-ray services at the spot: X-ray, intraoral and panoramic radiograph images >>

Dental hygiene

Hygienic treatments, preventative dentistry and education. We perform scaling, fluoridation and provide diagnostic support. >>

Children’s dentistry

Specialized conservative treatment of children. Properly established contact is the key to success >>


We provide root canal treatment, cure pulp diseases, supplement the nerve, rebuild teeth – dislocated or broken >>

Conservative treatment

Prevention of teeth decay and treatment of cavities. We provide counseling, X-ray examinations, reconstructions >>


The most modern and natural solution to the problem of missing of a single tooth or several teeth >>

Dental surgery

We provide full dental surgery services: extractions, root tip resections and many more >>

Teeth whitening

In our clinic, we use modern and safe methods of teeth whitening: Zoom and Opalescence >>


Prevention and treatment of malocclusion. We have a pantomograph and a cephalometer. We use metal, aesthetic, crystal braces with porcelain >>


We make crowns, dental bridges, crown-root inlays and prostheses. We repair and reline dentures >>

Aesthetic dentistry

Comprehensive services connecting all areas of dentistry in order to improve the aesthetics of the teeth >>

stomatolog bielany warszawa - stomatolog warszawa - klinika stomatologiczna

Our specialists present a holistic dental approach.

Suitable dental diagnosis of even the most complex problem allows solving it. Through cooperation between different dentistry fields, we are able to treat each of our patients appropriately and take care of them in a comprehensive way. We take into account the factors that have caused a discomfort, but we are still thinking about future, potentially harmful, reasons for the relapse of the pain or disease. This is why we care that much about the prevention and our patients calmness.

Professional staff and proven treatment methods.

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Zbigniew Kowalik

Zbigniew Kowalik
Dentist, CEO

Adrianna Rosochacka-Zawierucha

Adrianna Rosochacka-Zawierucha

Agnieszka Zielińska

Agnieszka Zielińska

Aleksandra Kraśkiewicz

Aleksandra Karaśkiewicz

Danuta Lipiec

Danuta Lipiec
Radiologic Technologist

Edyta Jaworska
Doctor of medicine, maxillofacial surgeon

Iwona Pacocha

Iwona Pacocha
Coordinating nurse

Joanna Parfieniuk

Joanna Parfieniuk
Dentist in the course of specialization in surgery

Justyna Sobiech

Justyna Sobiech
Dental hygienist

Katarzyna Kasza-Kołodziejska Katarzyna Kasza-Kołodziejska

Katarzyna Kasza-Kołodziejska

Katarzyna Kowalik

Katarzyna Kowalik

Roman Czarnecki

Roman Czerniecki

Yuliia Seliverstykova

Yuliia Seliverstykova
Dental Assistant

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